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Pittsburgh Landscapers is a supplier of expert landscaping services in the Pittsburgh area, we strive to make Pittsburgh a picturesque place by doing business with creativity and integrity. Pittsburgh Landscapers is a regional business and we have built a reputation for excellence in the landscaping trade. We offer quality work with a small business point of view. Pittsburgh Landscapers is presently accepting new accounts in Pittsburgh and is available for consultation. We have Free Estimates for qualified potential customers. Call now or fill out our quote form.

Are you fed up dealing with large, corporate landscaping companies? At Pittsburgh Landscapers we will strive to provide high quality support and rapid response time, along with professional landscaping services at great prices. We offer residential and commercial design, build and maintenance landscaping services, along with tree trimming, concrete, irrigation, landscape lighting, and a whole lot more. For a complete directory of services that we offer please click here.

No job is too big or too little. Our Pittsburgh landscapers have been serving the entire Pittsburgh area for over 20 years. We have a committed team of skilled architects and landscape designers.

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If you would like your yard to look the best on the block then you will need to locate the finest landscaping contractor. We offer a range of services including, gardening design, weekly lawn service, and leaf removal. Here at Pittsburgh Landscapers our purpose is to provide you with outstanding lawn care and other landscaping services at reasonable prices.

Whether you are wanting your lawn mowed on a bi-weekly / weekly basis, removing leaves during the fall, or if you need help in designing a new garden, Pittsburgh Landscapers is here to help you control your yard. Feel free to look around our website for more info and feel free to email or call us with any questions that you might have. Thanks .

Are you curious about transforming your lawn into an captivating garden, recreational area or soothing get-away?
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Want to landscape your lawn, but unsure how to accomplish it? Whether it’s your first home or your dream home, here are four steps you can take to ensure that your new landscaping exceeds your desires and meets your dreams:

   Describe Your Landscape Needs,
Take into account Your Planned budget,
Design Your Dream landscape, and
Pick A Landscaping Contractor.

Define your landscaping needs

Why Are You Landscaping? To add to your property value? To save water or energy? To enhance your enjoyment of your property? To provide a safe environment for your children or pets? The initial step to a pro landscape is to openly identify what purposes your landscaping must serve. – Pittsburgh Landscapers
Points To Think about:

What outside events will your landscape hold? Nurturing a personal green thumb in a tullip garden? Need to entertain energetic kids?
Do you have a desired style or theme? Are you looking for an English garden or a modern respite?
What features do you covet? Play areas, water proficiency, an outdoor kitchen, waterfalls and ponds?
What materials are superior? Do you prefer the granite look, subdued floral elegance or rushing water? – Pittsburgh Landscapers

Consider your budget

Realistically take into account the quantity of money available to meet your needs. The price tag of your landscaping project will vary, depending on:

The total dimension of the area to be landscaped,
The features that are included,
The circumstances of the current terrain, and
The choices you make regarding materials, level of craftsmanship, and details

Think about who will create your landscape

Your Choices Include:

A Landscape Architect. A professional licensed by the state who is able to develop plans that is often bid on by landscaping contractors
A Design/Build Landscape Contractor. A professional licensed by the state who can plan – and then produce – your landscaping
Landscaping Designers. Unlicensed individuals that  provide ideas, conceptual plans, and planting plans. – Pittsburgh Landscapers

Hire the proper pro

You don’t actually purchase a landscape. You purchase the services offered by a landscape contractor to design and assemble the project that you desire. A successful bond between yourself and your landscape contractor could persist as long as it takes to consider your landscape project, or may span for years, as your taste change and your landscapes expand. Though there aren’t any guarantees when it comes to hiring a pro, use you best judgment and you may come across one that will work great for you and your property. If you have questions, Pittsburgh Landscapers is here to help.